Firewall Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance

This is our first line of business. We are the original Fortinet Gold Partner in Oklahoma and manage hundreds of firewalls throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Illinois. CNET Inc. recognizes all state and federal compliance regulations and our 24/7/365 monitoring system complies with those requirements. –

The Fortinet firewall line offers the following integrated services for your network:

  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • Web-content filtering
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • Multiple Virtual IP Configuration
  • Remote and Point-to-Point VPN tunneling
  • SSL VPN Tunneling
  • Static and Dynamic IP Configuration
  • HA (high-availability)

Our Security Solution is our most comprehensive product including port testing, daily/weekly reporting and logging to ensure that your network is secure and protected.

Patch Management

CNET Inc. offers Software Update Services (SUS), a software update service for  operating systems and other application software. By using SUS, network administrators can manage the distribution of  hotfixes and updates released through Automatic Updates to computers in a corporate environment.

Server Virtualization and Maintenance

Does your business utilize multiple servers requiring a large footprint? Consider reducing energy costs, hardware maintenance and space by virtualizing your current servers. CNET Inc. can perform a complete evaluation and provide you with a detailed plan of action implementing on-site or off-site virtualization and save a bundle in hardware and energy costs.

Managed Anti-virus

CNET Inc. offers a cost effective managed anti-virus solution that will protect your business from dangerous computer viruses, malware and their potential disruption of business. This is the ultimate solution for businesses who want peace of mind from the new generation of threats spreading across the web.

Hardware/Software Sales and Support

CNET Inc. constantly evaluates new equipment, we also utilize what we sell. We constantly demo new software to deliver only the best products with a focus on overall cost as well as functionality. CNET Inc. is an authorized HP sales partner.

CNET Inc. has been a Microsoft partner since 1992. However, we are not limited to just Microsoft operating systems. We have installations and experience in Linux, Solaris and many other UNIX based systems.

Enhanced Email Hosting Services (EEHS)

CNET Inc. provides EEHS email hosting that is secure and clean of spam and malware. This solution eliminates the cost of expensive servers and hard to manage software. EEHS’s benefits include: reduced SPAM and virus -infected messages, encrypted messaging and malware.

External Risk Assessment

This risk assessment covers an in-depth discovery of all public-facing IP addresses DNS entries and MX records and probes them thoroughly by our certified auditors. A detailed report is included.

Internal Risk Assessment

This risk assessment is designed to uncover possible internet security vulnerabilities and assess risk by exposure on individual PCs and file servers. A detailed report is included and is performed by a certified auditor.

Video Surveillance

CNET Inc. is a state certified CCTV installer and service provider. We stock most CCTV equipment and demos are always available. Our DVR systems allow for easy management and remote access including remote view for smart phones and/or tablets.

Access Control

Our Access Control system integrates fully with our video surveillance solution. It utilizes keypad, card or fingerprint reader (biometrics) technology and provides a comprehensive user/card management system.