Businesses today require a service company capable of handling all aspects of computer network installation, management, Firewall/Internet Security, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Although each business has unique security requirements, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Internet Firewall Based Security have become increasingly important. Federal and State Banks have regulators, while hospitals and patient services must adhere to HIPAA standards. In fact, any business that accepts credit cards has become a target.

CNET Inc. is an organization of highly experienced engineers to install, support, manage and monitor networks. We started in 1992 and have a well established customer base. Our engineers are all certified in many areas and are always on-call to assist with your needs. Web page monitor application testing.

Since we started in 1992, we have the experience. Experience, combined with certifications from leading vendors enable us to assist you with any IT implementation or service . We specialize in network performance tuning, troubleshooting and complete risk management including remote office connectivity.

CNET Inc. will put your IT concerns at ease through our expert technology consulting and ability to integrate dissimilar systems. Be it mobile networking or business continuity, we have a solution for you.